How to Write for Money Online and Create Information Products: (by Benjamin)

How to Write For Cash Online

How to Write for Money Online and Create Information Products: (by Benjamin)

How to Write for Money Online Doing Jobs or Creating Information Products…


Digital Information Products

Do you remember living at home with your parents?

When you wanted to change your bedroom, put up some posters or maybe do some decorating…. they’d say “How about a nice cream colour?!” when you wanted black.

Or when you wanted a really cool bike for Christmas but your Dad insisted on the sensible option with baby wheels on the back to prevent you falling over UGH!…

Living at home is a constant battle of you trying to get what you want, while your parents buy you what you need.

You want a cool jacket; they buy some waterproof coat the cools kids will laugh at. Most new internet marketers are more like parents, and less like the kids.

Make Money From Your Hobby


That’s a bad thing!

Private Label Rights

Information Products Marketing

Writing and selling quality information products is beautifully simple, beautifully lucrative and beautifully flexible. I don’t think many new internet marketers give information marketing the respect it deserves.

Perhaps it’s just too simple, too easy or they’re looking for something a little more magical and special. I don’t know, but because of its simplicity perhaps people believe it just will not work online…


Newbie’s pick a topic… (… or create a guide on any topic) because it’s what they THINK the market needs but it’s not what the market WANTs.

Listen, we all know that it’s impossible and you can’t get 6-minute abs. What you can get is 365-day abs and that is practical, but who’s going to buy that? The market needs a 365-day solution, but they want 6-minutes solution.

Once you’ve decided on a niche, the first thing you need to do — before deciding what it is you’re going to sell — is doing some research.

You need to get your nose to the ground and do some detective digging for niche picking before you write your information products.

You need to get dig down deep and get dirty if you want to get paid. Because there’s a huge payoff if you get it right. When you know your market inside-out, back-to-front, and upside-down you will run rings round every other marketer out there.

Write Books for Money Online!

Instead of guessing what’s going to sell in how to guides, you’re going to know what sells by doing proper research. Instead of assuming this is what the market wants, you’ll know what the market wants. When you have all the facts, then product creation becomes easy.

Writing emails to your mailing lists becomes easy. Selling your digital products also becomes easy. And it’s the selling and converting visitors looking for what you have that puts the zeros in your bank account.

 Make Money Writing

Imagine how easy it’d be for you to buy Christmas presents if you actually took notice of what your friends and family were talking about in the lead up to December holidays. If you listened in on their conversations, and got inside their head and knew exactly what they were thinking then shopping would be a breeze.

That’s what you have got to do in your market and that is knowing what people are looking for and what they want.

You have to eavesdrop on the conversations your market are already having, you need to get to know them inside out, know their name, their age, their income bracket, their fears, frustrations, failures, their hopes, dreams and goals…


Once you Know Everything Selling is a breeze.

Now you can create your first digital products. The beauty of all this is that it’s so easy to do nowadays. With so many social media sites, forums and comments on products in Amazon reviews — you can find out so much about your market it’s simple to know what product to build.

You can find out what they liked about an Amazon best-seller and what they didn’t like and work on the positives.

You can spy on Facebook conversations in timelines and read — in their own words — what exactly they’re struggling with right now and where they need help and you provide the solutions.

You can visit their profiles, see what look like, find out where they work and get an idea of their income level and family life. What do all the people in your market have in common is another factor to investigate?

Online Writing Jobs

Are they all 40-something-year-old mothers? Or are they all 50-year-old conservative guys who like guns? Are they 23-year women with eating disorders who are constantly worried about how they look in the mirror?

You can step right inside their head and listen to the conversation that’s going on this very second. One last thing, have you ever tried to organize an event?

Lots of people will say “Put my name down for a ticket, I’ll definitely be there!”

 Most people won’t turn up, no matter what they say and how confidently they say it and you don’t want people to abandon carts…

You don’t know for sure until you have their ticket money, in your hand that you have a sale. But if stop and think about it for a second — compare info-marketing to building a real world, brick-and-mortar business it’s a lot, lot easier!

Think about this about an online business:

In the real world, you need a real location, a brick and mortar location. You need stock, you might need staff (unless you plan on doing it all yourself), you have an opening and closing hours, holidays, taxes, taxes and more taxes to pay and that’s just not counting the daily problems you’re going to face.


Stuff like ordering stock, running out of stock. Having no customer’s turn-up to buy, having too many customers turn-up and not being able to supply…. Having staff go sick, go on holiday (God forbid) and before you even get that for — the tens of thousands of dollars it takes just to get started and open your doors for the first time.

Compare it to an Internet Business…

You do it from home, in the spare-bedroom, at your kitchen table (that’s where I am, right now)…….or in a coffee shop somewhere you feel calm and comfortable.

While your wife watches TV, while your kid plays by your feet or while you wait for the dinner to cook? With creating and selling information products you can work when you want, where you and how you want.

You are your own boss and work on your terms.

The cost of creation is low, just your time. The cost of inventory is low (a few megabytes stored on your computer or whatever it costs to print and mail out) and the profit margins… are just ridiculous.

Think how it costs to write one page of writing or record a short video and how much you can charge for it?

The Earning Potential of Information products.

With information marketing particularly creating and selling your own information products… the margins are super-human high. It’s a great business to be in and an infinite one as well.

You don’t need staff, there is no wastage; the logic, maintenance and start-up costs are minimal, almost non-existent. It’s a simple business to be in.

But what really attracts me is the fact you can start at any age, at any time and with any number of other commitments on the go. Imagine trying to start a brick ‘and mortar business when you’ve just got home after a full day’s work at the office or on a construction site somewhere.

Imagine working on your brick ‘n mortar business, finding locations, sourcing stock and interviewing staff when you’ve just spent all day in the rain digging ditches, laying blocks, driving a truck or filing reports in for the boss.

That’s tough!

Compare it to information Product selling…

You get home, have a shower, and grab a bite to eat, put the kids to bed…

Then fire up the laptop, get a couple hours work done then sit down with the wife in front of the TV for an hour or so before going to bed. It’s a slow start, but it’s a good start.

In two weeks you’ve put in 14 hours, maybe more. In a month — you’ve got your business up, running and selling — no joke!

Writing Jobs

Information marketing is a great business to be in and there are some amazing shortcuts…the same shortcuts I am happy to share with you….for fast easy product creation…

Are you ready to get started?

5 Simple Steps to Finding the Perfect Niche for your Information Product…..

The first step, the hurdle most new info-marketers struggle with is finding the right niche. You see everyone is looking for the perfect niche, the perfect niche and the right niche for them.

And it’s important – finding the perfect niche is like finding the goose that lays the golden egg… or milking the money-cow for everything its worth.

We all want to get rich quick, we all have bills to pay and jobs we want to give up soon! But get this, finding the perfect niche is the least of your worries and it won’t be your biggest problem. What will be… might shock you…

When you find the perfect niche, the biggest problem you’ll have will be creating enough content for your market to consume.

Find the perfect niche and your market will be devouring your information faster than you can create it – it’s a tough gig – and that’s what makes it even more profitable.

Let’s take a back-step, let’s upset a few people: Most people will never find the perfect niche. In fact, they won’t find any niche. Most people are so scared of failing or picking the wrong niche that they never even get started. If you’ve been online for any length of time, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

The fear of failure, of picking the wrong niche, of wasting 10, 20, 30 or maybe even 40 hours of work — scares them into doing nothing!

That’s the biggest lesson you can learn from this guide is one point alone and that is….

Don’t let fear stop you.

Fear will kill your hopes, dreams and ambitions. You have to grow a giant-sized pair of balls, pick a niche and run with it.

How to Make Money Online

Regardless of what that devil on your shoulder says and regardless of how often he tests you and whispers “What if you’re wrong, what if there’s a better niche out there, maybe you should keep looking for a better niche!” 

Don’t listen.

I know kick-ass internet marketers who sell info-products on basketball, on oil-painting (yes, oil paintings) and one who sells sexually related information products….).

There are random, little markets — and remember you can reach people all over the world thanks to the internet — that will happily support a 6-figure income when you get them up and running.


If you really load the dice, tilt the table and stack the odds firmly in your favour for making big money then you have to go mass market.

These are typically the health, wealth and relationship markets.

That is where the big money is made. Of these, there are thousands of sub-niches and they are what you need to dig out…. If you need any proof of that, visit any top affiliate platforms and look at the best-sellers…

Weight loss, premature ejaculation, how to make money from home…. These are massive sellers that make their info-product owners seriously wealthy.

They’re big markets because they’re subjects that touch virtually everyone on the planet. And with 3 billion internet users, there’s plenty of traffic to go around!

Go on then…do the research, get into peoples heads and build the perfect information product to go…



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