Freelance Online Jobs or Writing Jobs..One and the Same?

How to Write For Cash Online

Freelance Online Jobs or Writing Jobs..One and the Same?

Freelance Online Jobs VS Home Based Business.

Start your work from home Dreams with Freelance Online Jobs

So What’s the Difference and What is Better?

Both have their merits, and both can help you make extra money, or even self sufficient to be able to work from home full time. The internet makes it easy to earn an income either way, doing freelance online jobs, building an internet business, and even as a tool to promote and build a home based business.

Most people aim for online writing jobs and certainly this is an easy way to start making that extra money but few make a success because they go about it all the wrong way.

The other option for quick cash is completing market research surveys and once again here you need to learn the ropes to be able to earn enough to make completing surveys worthwhile!

 Let’s take a look at these options one at a time.

  1. A) Online Jobs & Writing Jobs

I work from home full time and as mentioned I started my internet career doing writing jobs. While completing freelance online jobs on freelance boards a company offered me to write for them full time after I had done a task for them.

In order to enhance my writing skills I purchased many guides along the way, and these also helped me understand a lot more about the internet and how things work.

Freelance online jobs Writing

There is still the same potential to become a full time writer doing writing jobs, or doing online freelance work but you can take a short cut and grab the same guides I purchased put together in a nice package for you. If you are SERIOUS about earning money online this way do it right and avoid the pitfalls and setbacks I experienced:

  1. Freelance beginners Guide
  2. Complete Writing Jobs Package
  3. How to Write Books for Kindle (Eng & Afr versions)

Should you want to become an expert at doing paid surveys to make a decent income join as many survey panels as you can to maximize your incomes.

When companies see you are reliable in completing their offers that are emailed to you they will single you out and you can start earning better rates and rewards. If you want decent information about surveys for all countries and multiple surveys panels: Click Here

  1. B) Proper Home Based Business.

Building your own home based business can be exciting and rewarding, and if you are passionate about what you are doing it can become a huge organization in the future.  Doing freelance online jobs from home is also like having your own home based business offering services to clients that want your writing work.

I know two women that have started doggie parlors, which have grown so big that have more clients than they can handle, and a guy that learnt how to do woodwork, and now makes Coffins which has made him very wealthy…. Yes you read that right.

Online Jobs from Home

It’s a great idea to get a business plan together and learn from those that have already walked the path to building successful home based businesses. Investing in these help you home based business guides, make it easier to avoid obstacles, because you will have the knowledge and information on what to do to solve any problems along the way.

The options are endless in home based business ideas and in South Africa it is currently the easiest to open your own business and you can take advantage of starting informally, and then building up from there.

Have a look at a variety of smashing ideas on this website. Home based Business Ideas

There is also a great guide on multiple ideas on this website too

  1. C) Some Tips
  2. What is important to remember is that all ways to earn an extra income will take work, dedication, investing some money and perseverance not to give up as soon as you encounter your first obstacle.
  3. You cannot be half hearted about building your own business whether it is one on the internet or a home based business.
  4. User the internet as a tool for research, marketing, finding ideas, looking up solutions, and any way that you can to build a thriving business no matter what type it is.
  5. Decide carefully what you are going to do and throw in everything you have into your business, your passion, your effort, your determination and excitement.
  6. Don’t procrastinate! Get started and keep the ball rolling with a positive mindset to never give up.
  7. Avoid negative people that will pull you down by giving you all the reasons you are going to fail. Eventually you will believe it and you WILL fail!

Times are tough surely, but there is still massive potential out there and you can harness this to earn yourself into a better more comfortable lifestyle with debt freedom. Now it’s up to you to decide what route you are going to take…. Freelance Online Jobs or a full time writing career?

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